In the 21st century, the only truly Open content is that which is easily discoverable (that is, well web-indexed) and readily propagated (that is, easily reproducible). The intitative for Open Access to Research Content provides for better visibility of scientific and educational knowledge through simple and robust web and paper publishing and populazation models.

The project has been started in 2018 within the scientific community as a platform for curated scientific content, but today it also embraces scientifically-motivated didactic content.

The actual content policies of a particular section are defined by its community and adjusted by our scientific coordinators so as to follow the general guidelines for scientific content: reproducibility, refutability, acceptance of otherness, etc. Finding the content, guaranteeing its relevance and quality and making it accessible along with its source files is the task of scientific content officers.

The Open Access to Research Content Initiative is backed by several research institutions.

Partnering Institutions




Some parts of the platform might hold ludic content.